About the Company

At QBGS, we are driven by the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the power of information. Our platform seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources to deliver comprehensive and valuable insights. With our user-friendly interface and cutting-edge algorithms, we empower you to access the information you need with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Who We Are

Capturing Data Driven Opportunities

“QGBS Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, specializes in digital data management, analytics, data engineering, and compilation. At the heart of QGBS’s offerings lies our signature product, NCETL®, a tailor-made code-free ETL program designed exclusively for businesses in the automotive and related sectors.”

Welcome to Quantum Global Business Solutions! We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched quality and providing exceptional customer service. Our relentless mission is to revolutionize your life by offering cutting-edge digital solutions that seamlessly simplify your business. At Quantum Global, we are driven by our passion to make your business journey sharper and more streamlined than ever before


Our Story in Numbers

QGBS, founded in 2021, spans 50+ countries, serving 200+ organizations, Led by a Team of 30+ Experts, we’ve quickly risen as a global leader in quality and innovation.


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Our Vision

At QBGS, our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation, driving the transformation of data into insights. We aspire to create a world where data becomes a powerful ally, facilitating informed decisions, enabling business growth, and fostering meaningful change. With a commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of data’s potential, we aim to empower individuals and organizations, making data-driven opportunities accessible and transformative for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses by harnessing the power of data-driven innovation. At QGBS Canada Inc, we believe that data holds the key to unlocking new opportunities, improving decision-making, and driving growth. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to extract valuable insights from their data, optimize processes, and make informed strategic decisions.

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Our Team

At QGBS, our dynamic team blends diverse expertise, creativity, and dedication to deliver top-tier solutions, ensuring client success every step of the way.”

Group 282

Sanjoy Chakraborty


He developed the initial concept of Quantum NCETL and his existing relationships from his previous Group of companies will form the backbone of our testing company partnerships with BMW and Tata Motors.

Group 283

Viju Varghese


A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing, sales, and managing his own companies in the food services, oil and gas, and technology sectors, with strong automotive connections with Porsche, Skoda, and Volkswagen.


Paras Bali


Paras Bali, a Harvard Business School graduate, who is an operations and sales expert with considerable experience implementing process efficiency systems and growing brands such as Star Media and National Geographic across South Asia.

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